Country Place Library

Country Place Library
Country Place Library
Country Place Library


Susan Brantley

Library Hours

Monday – Friday, 7:55 AM – 2:55 PM

Checkout Policy

The checkout period for all grades is two weeks.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade: 1 book
2nd Grade: 2 books
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades: 3 books

*Students may check out extra books as needed for special projects or research.

Library Schedule

The library operates on a fixed/flexible schedule.
All grades have weekly scheduled library visits.
Additionally, classes are scheduled in the library for projects or research.
Students may check out books during open times.


There are no overdue fines; however, students must pay for lost or damaged books.

Additional Information

The Country Place Library also offers an opportunity for Celebration Books! Students, teachers, and/or parents bring $10, choose a book from special shelves in the library, and dedicate their chosen book to a friend or child.  The book is checked out to the person receiving it as a bonus check out item.  The book is returned to the library and is then circulated as regular library book with a dedication sticker inside.  Please see Ms. Brantley for more information.

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