Peppermint Village Gift Shop!
Caitlin Goodspeed

Hello Country Place Families!!

This has been such an exciting week filled with lots of activities for students in every grade! We have a wonderful addition to our school this week which is the Peppermint Village Gift Shop that our wonderful PTA has put on for us! 

What is the Peppermint Village Gift Shop? It is a place for students to shop for their families and friends. 

Where is the Peppermint Village Gift Shop? It is in our 3rd and 4th Grade Hallway in one of our classrooms. 

When is the Peppermint Village Gift Shop open? Students can begin shopping at 8AM. They need to first ask their teachers when the best time would be for them to shop! The gift shop is also open after school for a short time and this is an excellent time for students to shop! 

How long is the Gift Shop open for? The Peppermint Village is open until this Friday, December 17th!

Your student(s) received flyers as well as an envelope to put their money in to help them shop through the store! Our wonderful PTA and parent volunteers are here to help any student shop!

Happy Christmas and Holiday Shopping to all! 


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